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Mini-biography (Written 2010)

(by Mary Jo Rockwell, Roger's wife)

Roger is 63 years old and is retired as an investigator for the public defenders office. I have never met an individual with such a wide variety of interests. He is one of those people the rest of us envy, because he seems to be able to accomplish whatever goal he sets. He has exciting ideas that come into his mind. Then he finds a way to make them happen. That is not to say that it is easy. Often it becomes a very time consuming and arduous effort. Yet, because he loves a challenge, he persists until his dreams come true. Roger Rockwell's Journeys

Roger's 2009 adventure was an 8,000 mile boat trip circumnavigating the Eastern United States. This is a common boating trip that has been done by many sailors over the years. It is referred to as the Great Loop. The normal loop is around the Gulf Coast of Florida cutting across Florida via Lake Okeechobee up the East Coast to New York to the canal system to the Great Lakes, then down the various inland rivers back to the Gulf of Mexico. Of course NORMAL just won't do for Roger. He has decided to expand his trip to the maximum water travel. He started his trip at the Mexico US border at Brownsville, Tx. Instead of taking the short cut across the center of Florida he is going all the way down to Key West on the Gulf of Mexico side then up the East coast. Then instead of cutting through the New York canals he is going all the way up the East Coast crossing the Bay of Fundy going around Nova Scotia and then down the Saint Lawrence Seaway to the Great Lakes and the inland rivers. He has named his route the SUPER LOOP Roger has a blog dedicated to this trip. CLICK HERE.

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